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Flesh Tamers Fitness

Coaching and Personal Training Created to Build Strength for Your Active Lifestyle

My base programs are built for anyone:
  • wanting to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way
  • needing accountability
  • wanting to build strength and mobility
  • who has terrible eating habits and needs coaching
  • wanting to speed up their non-existent metabolism
  • wanting a workout plan that is super easy to fit into a busy schedule


Christian Manliness:
The Courage to Stand Firm Bundle


This bundle includes the book and accompanying six-week study guide/workbook ... Learn More

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Personalized Fitness & Nutrition Plans

Personalized Fitness & Nutrition Plans

Our certified personal trainer crafts tailored programs designed to fit your unique needs, goals, and lifestyle, ensuring maximum results and sustainable progress.

“Flesh Tamers 30 day core strengthening for moms has been an awesome way to jumpstart my weak core especially after three children! Enjoyed the challenge as well as the community and encouragement. The weekly coaching sessions allow for you to ask any questions you have or learn from others questions you didn’t even think to ask. Also if you h e questions they are quick to respond and post updates whether it be safe modifications/stretches, encouragement to not give up, or if you had a specific area you were struggling with.”

- Amanda Lykins

Expert Performance Enhancement & Sports Nutrition Coaching

Expert Performance Enhancement & Sports Nutrition Coaching

Leverage our specialized expertise in performance enhancement and sports nutrition to break through plateaus and optimize your athletic potential.

“I am currently in my 17th week using the Flesh Tamers program and it has been a great experience! It has kept me engaged and motivated over the weeks through the diversity of exercises that it challenges me with. The workouts have now become a part of my daily routine and they are paying off with weight loss, muscle gain, and I definitely feel more energetic. I contact Jonathan regularly and he always responds promptly. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who has struggled with workout routines in the past”.

- Numb Vanity

Convenient & Flexible Virtual Training Options

Convenient & Flexible Virtual Training Options

 Flesh Tamers Fitness offers virtual personal training and at-home boot camp options, allowing you to stay committed to your fitness journey, no matter your schedule or location.

“Hey, I'm Matt from South Dakota. I am 43, a father of 3 and a Marketing Consultant. Before I found Flesh Tamers Fitness I constantly struggled with my weight, eating habits and overall confidence in myself. I was a bit hesitant to sign up at first, but after chatting with Jonathon I felt very confident that I had found the perfect program. He included a great workout plan, nutrition and meal guides and also devotionals, which is fantastic! Jonathon's communication is great and I really feel he has my best interest in mind. After the first 6 week fitness program, I have made big strides. I feel great, I'm gaining lean muscle and losing fat. If you are a busy dad like me, give Flash Tamers Fitness and Jonathon a try. You will be glad you did!”

- Matt Kranzler

Flesh Tamers Fitness serves clients Virtually & In-Person across Rogers, Avoca, Garfield, Bentonville, Eureka Springs, Springdale, Siloam Springs, Fayetteville, Huntsville, and the surrounding areas.

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